Fiona is now based in Santa Monica, California but she arrived there via Vipassana's in Thailand and Australia, spiritual retreats in Bali, missionary work in Honduras, Ayahuasca in Peru, a kibbutz in Israel, the Way of Council in Ojai and Wales. The Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica was where she finally came to peace about her sexuality. Being gay was the initial cause of her distancing herself from evangelical christianity - it was also the cause of her search for a sense of belonging and the resulting empathy for those that feel they are outsiders. Accepting her sexuality opened the door to her creativity and love of writing and storytelling. She is a trained kundalini yoga teacher.

All of these experiences and professional expertise are brought to her coaching - she currently works with adults and adolescents from all walks of life and is particularly well equipped to support those wanting to create a more authentic and empowered relationship with themselves, and with others.

Fiona, for many years, has been dedicated to finding her own voice - she seeks to support her clients in finding theirs.

You may view Fiona's resume here.